From pen and paper to digital storage of research data
Researcher Steve carried a dream. He wished to facilitate the gathering of research data in the field. Therefore, Azote helped develop BRRDS which took Steves’ data from paper to app.

We received a request to help researcher Steves’ dream come true. He spent far too much time interpreting and entering field notes in Excel, and often discovered that there was uncertainty in the data quality.

We therefore created a so-called Progressive Web App that gives Steve and other researchers an easy and secure way to store research data. The app works on any device, even if they find themselves in a place without connection. This simplifies the work of bird researchers on remote island and places. The app also has basic error checking and visualization of data that provides Steve and other bird researchers with even better quality and research opportunities.

The project now continues with more comprehensive visualization of research data on site in the field. This will hopefully provide ideas for new research issues to explore.

Robert Kautsky

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