Azote visualizes and communicates science to spread new knowledge in important topics to the right audiences.

We specialize in communicating science. We see it as our responsibility to strengthen the voice of science in society since we are convinced that decisions made about our future must lie in profound knowledge of what our world looks like today and where we are heading. Our experience in science communication and our different backgrounds in the science community allow us to understand both the scientist’s - as well as the target audience’s - needs. This leaves room for us to work independently and efficiently, to offer support, recommendations and a new perspective, as well as the opportunity to support our partners from idea and concept, to delivery and follow-up.

” It’s all about quickly understanding what is needed and then to realize it smart and efficiently.”

Examples of what we can help you with:

  • We design graphic styles and illustrate figures and graphics that present research uniformly and clearly to the right target audiences.
  • We participate in grant applications from idea and concept to quality control of included communication services. This facilitates the assessment group’s understanding of your vision and helps them finance your project.
  • We are delighted to share our knowledge and experience of building strong relationships and enable partnerships across sectors. Communication is often the key needed to realize a larger collaborative project.
  • We help you choose the right communication activities with the help of a strategic analysis focusing on the distribution of your science with an aim of reaching overall goals and objectives.


My name is Malin and I am a senior project manager at Azote. Contact me to discuss your next project.

Malin Carlgren – / +46(0)70-460 63 55