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Blå is framför glaciär, Alaska

The dense ice matrix of glacial ice with little air in it can create an optical effect of beautiful blue color, as only short wavelength, high frequency blues of the visible spectrum are reflected back to the eye. Once set free from a glacier, icebergs melt as they journey in saltwater. Beautiful ice crystal structures of icebergs are remarkably a result of the accumulation of millions of individual snowflakes compacting into glacial ice. (Fotograf: Steven Zeff)
Fotograf: Steven Zeff
Byline: Steven Zeff/Azote
Bildreferens: szd00190
Datum: ca. 2004
Max filstorlek: 5336x3524 px (≈ 45x30 cm / 300 dpi)
Filnamn: szd00190