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In the mountains of nowadays Armenia (in the south, close to town Goris), the first observatory Carahunge (Car-means stone, hunge-means voice, sound) was created. It has a history of 7.500 years and scientists believe, that there is a tight connection between the observatory in Armenia and Stonehenge in Britain, since the latter is much younger (about 4000 years) and the name itself is similar to the Armenian name and the second half of the name (hange) does not really mean anything in English. This Prehistoric Monument consisting of hundreds of Standing Stones on a territorial area of approximately 7 hectares. Many of these stones have smooth angled holes of 4 to 5cm in diameter, the angles of the holes being directed at different points on the horizon and outer space. The age of Carahunge has been estimated to be 7500 years or older (VI millennium BC). (Fotograf: André Maslennikov)
Fotograf: André Maslennikov
Byline: André Maslennikov/Azote
Bildreferens: amb_0600
Datum: 2006-07-30
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