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Biocarburant will it destroy Amazonia? At the fine bottom of Amazonia, in the State of Acre, the man for a long time made his place in the middle of a nature which could seem to him hostile. Like all old European civilizations, the Brazilian ones had to deforest to establish their villages and their fields. And then the concept of profit and the will “to use” these big spaces arrived! Deforestation was done more massive with the profit of bovine large farms. And “green gold” appeared: the ethanol, the green fuel, today in Brazil, meadows of 50% of the cars gasoline are flex fuel, they can use ethanol. In the world and an ecological concern, the request does not cease increasing. Then here in Capixaba, an old project re-examined the day, half-public, half-private: to create a factory of transformation of the sugar cane, bases Brazilian ethanol. Ex-minister of environment and candidate to the presidential election of 2010, Marina Silva, originating in the State d' Acre, always savagely opposed the project. But since its departure of the government, the project started well. Lula had defended that one attacks the Amazon forest to produce bio fuel. Then in the Acre, one found other solutions. The grounds where the sugar cane is planted, are rented to the bovine large farms, thus the law it is respected! But Fazendas (Brazilian ranches) they did not decrease their livestock, therefore they will continue to deforest, progressively that the surface of the fields of sugar cane will grow. The sugar cane need pesticides, manure and much of water, all that in a medium already strongly weakened, without speaking about the problems of slave system which one sometimes finds in the culture of the sugar cane. Grupo Farias owner of the factory, has as an ambition to provide for the room market needs, but also to feed out of ethanol the adjoining countries, Bolivia and Peru, and in the long term to reach the pacific market. Voices protest against the project, the inhabitants of the community of Capixaba are anxious and some ONG fight the project savagely. Is it necessary to destroy the Amazon forest to have a fuel which does not contribute to the greenhouse effect? Other alternatives exist! While waiting, this project does nothing but start! (Fotograf: Nicolas Desagher)
Fotograf: Nicolas Desagher
Byline: Nicolas Desagher/Azote
Bildreferens: DN_CA036_BR_00004
Datum: 2010-05-19
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