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Lviv, small Ukrainian Prague The Ukraine is finally a free and independent country. Its cultural heritage is very important and however unknown in Occident. Its treasures are being discovered to the world, to the liking of the classifications of the world heritage of UNESCO. Forgotten during nearly fifty years, at the other end of Europe in full Soviet Union, Lviv like Prague, was put a little between brackets. But Lviv fortunately did not change. Placed in a crossroads of routes transportation and close to the borders, it passed with hands in hands of tens of time during its history. Each one of its Masters, instead of making it ugly, brought a stone to the masterpiece which it represents. Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neo-classic, Art nouveau, all the architectural styles are present at Lviv. On each one of its buildings, sculptures in low-relief sign its singularity. Today the Soviet greyness, at the same time as that of the walls disappears. Since the classification by UNESCO, the center town is in total restoration. Lviv remains for the moment a confidential tourist destination but its frequentation is in strong growth. After having discovered the beautiful cities of the East, such as Budapest, Prague and Cracow, the art lovers European seek other less known jewels. One can with reason call Lviv small Prague of the East. Lviv is reappearing. (Fotograf: Nicolas Desagher)
Fotograf: Nicolas Desagher
Byline: Nicolas Desagher/Azote
Bildreferens: DN_LV046_UA_01434
Datum: 1998
Max filstorlek: 4300x2850 px (≈ 36x24 cm / 300 dpi)