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Hovhannavank kloster Hovhannavank Mon

Light a candle. Hovhannavank monastery. Ohanavan (1403 v) was resettled by migrants from Mush in 1828. Perched on the Kasagh gorge rim, Hovhannavank* is a major monument from the 7th c. and later, the best documented of the major Armenian monasteries due to a manuscript of pious history compiled in 1686 by the Archdeacon Zakaria. The monastery was dedicated to John the Baptist, and has a 12th c. fortification wall with towers to the W, a 13th c. church and gavit (a rebuilding financed in part by Kurd Vachutian), and an early single-aisle church. The monastery has rich stone decoration, and many inscriptions. (Fotograf: André Maslennikov)
Fotograf: André Maslennikov
Byline: André Maslennikov/Azote
Bildreferens: amb_0322
Datum: 2006-07-20
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