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Statue of St.George and a fountain

East of Ple?nik’s granite monolith stands a Gothic bronze statue of St.George killing a dragon, unique example of metal casting in 14th century; according to the tradition, the statue was cast by George and Martin of Kluj in 1373, it is possible that Parlé?’s building and art workshop also worked on this piece. It is the first known statue in our country that wasn’t linked to a particular building and that decorated an open space. The statue stands on a high pedestal in the middle of a modern round, shallow fountain at a level created by J. Ple?nik in place of a Baroque fountain which stood there originally and was taken down and moved to George Square in the 1990’s. The original statue is stored in the collections of the National Gallery, the actual statue is a copy from 1967. Photo: André Maslennikov (Fotograf: André Maslennikov)
Fotograf: André Maslennikov
Byline: André Maslennikov/Azote
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Max filstorlek: 3024x4032 px (≈ 26x34 cm / 300 dpi)
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