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Creeping devil is a rare and curious species of cactus localized to one area in Mexico, that actually moves through the desert over time. As one end of the plant grows forward, new roots set as the back end dies out. The plant can grow as fast as 60 cm (2 feet) per year. Because of pollination constraints, creeping devil is highly self-cloning. This rare species is a curiousity that could be grouped with the walking palm of Central America which sets new roots forward in the direction of a lightgap in the canopy as roots on the other side die out. (Fotograf: Steven Zeff)
Fotograf: Steven Zeff
Byline: Steven Zeff/Azote
Bildreferens: szb_x0028
Datum: 2002-02-23
Max filstorlek: 1200x1600 px (≈ 10x14 cm / 300 dpi)