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Sea turtles are long-lived marine reptiles that come ashore only to lay eggs or bask. There are seven recognized species of sea turtle that inhabitat the oceans of the world, except polar regions. Unlike their terrestrial cousins they can not put their heads inside their shells. Sea turtles are threatened by fisheries where they are caught as by-catch, disease like fibropapillomatosis, possibly related to toxins, plastics mistaken for jellyfish food resources, taking of eggs, hunting and other human-related influences. (Fotograf: Steven Zeff)
Fotograf: Steven Zeff
Byline: Steven Zeff/Azote
Bildreferens: szb_x0178
Datum: 2001-11-04
Max filstorlek: 1306x967 px (≈ 11x8 cm / 300 dpi)