Race for the Baltic (Baltic Fish)

Food for a healthier sea
The foundation Race for the Baltic is running the project Baltic Fish, which aims to get more people to eat bream and ide. Because not only does it create new job opportunities – it also contributes to a better sea environment.

The Baltic Sea is heavily eutrophicated, which means that some fish species do not thrive at all, while others do. The latter applies to the species bream and ide. Thankfully, these fishes are exceptionally good at binding the excess of nutrients in the Baltic.

With this insight, the Baltic Fish project aims to increase the fishing of bream and ide in order to balance the ecosystem – and reduce eutrophication. The project chose to start by reintroducing bream in public kitchens around Sweden. In order to make this possible they reached out to us at Azote. We formed an easily accessible and clear message and were responsible for concept development and the project’s communication strategy. This resulted in a website and graphic profile to reinforce and convey the project’s message. A clear goal for this project was to create a demand for bream and ide. We therefore created a campaign to meet the sales target, where of course all content was anchored in current marine research.

Siri Maassen

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