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A place for the Baltic Sea
The idea of creating a place for the Baltic Sea at Skansen was born many years ago. But it was not until 2018 that Baltic Sea Science Center opened for the public.

Azote was involved and commissioned to produce large parts of the exhibition content that exist behind the doors of Baltic Science Center. The project included everything from animations and texts, to sound and images. All which tells us about the environment in the Baltic Sea with an interactivity and participation in focus. This project intertwined our scientific values and creativity to become an educational and educational place about life in the Baltic Sea.

Apart from the physical exhibition, we also produced educational material in form of a website and digital learning tool. The educational platform is used by schools to increase the knowledge and commitment regarding the Baltic Sea environment.

Our collaboration with Skansen has continued, and also includes the production of a sound loop in seven different languages to adapt the target group and make the exhibition material available. We are currently working on a project where students who visit BSSC could learn even more about research by gathering knowledge about how climate change affects the marine environment.

Siri Maassen

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