Global cooperation for sustainable fishing on scientific basis
SeaBOS is a global initiative that brings the world’s largest fishing companies together with leading researchers. Together they join a partnership for a global transformation towards sustainable seafood production and a healthy ocean.

Creating consensus and unity among the world’s largest fishing companies might sound like a challenge, and close to impossible. But together with researchers at Stockholm Resilience Centre, and with an actual idea of how a transformation could happen by gathering key actors, it has succeeded. An important component in this matter is of course communication – both internal and external. Therefore, we have supported SeaBOS through the production of a website, different digital communication services, material design and a visual identity, which all has given the initiative a clear direction.

Malin Gullstrand

Other clients

Making use of resources and creating circularity

Making use of resources and creating circularity.

A framework for news, research and facts about the sea

Promoting engagement and interest in marine environment issues by offering news, research and facts about the sea.

This year’s ten most important climate insights

Summarizes this year’s most important scientific insights within climate change and offers knowledge and decision basis for policymakers and society.
Skansen - Baltic Sea Science Center

A place for the Baltic Sea

Offers a physical place to awake commitment and increase knowledge regarding science and research about the Baltic Sea.

From pen and paper to digital storage of research data

Offers an app to facilitate and quality-ensure data collection in the field, for a better understanding of research about seabirds.
Baltic Fish

Food for a healthier sea

Reintroducing underutilization species in the Swedish kitchen to contribute to a healthier sea.


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